With our insurance, we go the extra mile to ensure that your goods are safe in our hands. In the unlikely event of any loss or damage to inventory, we have in place a goods-in-transit insurance cover on every vehicle.

Minimised Risk

We ensure that the risk to vehicles, drivers and cargo is kept to an absolute minimum through a number of safety and security measures.


Damage in transit usually occurs during the loading or unloading of any shipment. Therefore the best way to reduce this risk is to move goods as little as possible.

For this reason we use our own vehicles and drivers where possible, ensuring that your goods do not leave our hands during transit. Our aim is always to move goods a maximum of four times, which is about half as many times as if they were to pass through a standard pallet network operation.

High Security Standards

It is a similar story at our main storage facility in the East Midlands. The site operates to the highest warehousing standard and it has been designed and equipped to cater for most secure inventory needs.

From the moment goods enter its gates to the moment they leave, CCTV cameras cover every movement, providing effective support to our on-site security team who patrol and monitor all activity. In addition all access is controlled through internal gating, body scanners and IR door alarms. This coupled to the quality of our people and the standards we work to ensures that we provide clients with the confidence they need to entrust us with the storage of their products.

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