Customers benefit from working with us for their Amazon fulfilment, either via the Seller Central Services or Vendor Central Services. Our services incorporate warehousing and distribution, fulfilment, contract packing and dropship orders via the Amazon Marketplace. Arranging deliveries into Amazon Fulfilment Centres can be a challenge, our experience in working with customers to provide this service means we provide their complete Amazon fulfilment solution.

Seller Central Services

If you are selling your goods via the seller central or Amazon Marketplace, we can assist with the warehousing and distribution process. Customers who use the Amazon Seller Central trust us to warehouse their goods, apply the order processes, contract pack and fulfil. We then dropship to the end-customers or deliver to the correct Amazon Fulfilment Centre. We access the Amazon system to process orders.

We currently process 3,000 orders through our parcel network each week for our customers using Amazon Seller Central services. Our dedicated eCommerce area within the warehouse serves all Amazon marketplace orders, with the team fully trained in the pick and pack processes, along with contract packing to Amazon specifications.

Amazon Seller Central

Vendor Central Services

Have you been approached by Amazon to sell via the Vendor Central Services? Once you’ve secured your contract, why not discover more about how we can assist with your deliveries into the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Whether it’s parcels or pallets, we can deliver.

As an Amazon managed service, we assist customers with their bookings and delivering goods into the specific Amazon Filfulment Centre. Our experience of making bookings and delivering to Amazon specification is something customers benefit from. We currently deliver in excess of 500 pallets per week to all UK Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

Amazon Fulfilment Centres

Amazon Bookings

For both Seller Central and Vendor Central we use the Amazon CARP System to book in deliveries. The NX Group team book via the portal with a PO number. From here we get details of which Amazon Fulfilment Centre we need to deliver to and arrange with our Transport Planning team.

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